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We carry a wide range of products and resources for client use.10389658-herbal-remedies-natural-remedies

  • Chinese herbs
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Get ready to transform your shape with FIRMA ENERGYWEAR!

FIRMA energywear is made of a polyamide-based yarn, that has had bioactive minerals incorporated into the matrix of the yarn itself.

FIRMA energywear absorbs “infrared” waves emitted by the human body, and re-emits them as “far infrared” waves (FIR), which penetrate the surrounding tissues–these waves promote blood micro-circulation, vasodilation, and muscle tissue stimulation.

The benefits of FIRMA energywear:firma-fir-picture

  • Increased blood circulation to the tissues: enhanced healing
  • Increased production of collagen: greater skin elasticity and smoothness
  • Reduced appearance of cellulite with regular wear
  • Regulated body temperature: keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Reduced lactic acid build-up: less muscle fatigue, enhanced performance
  • Stabilizes joints and acts as a compression garment: less joint and venous pain
  • Increased removal of toxins and fluid: you feel toned and energized
  • Comfortable, non-allergic, and lasts through unlimited washings
  • Easy-care, and eco-friendly

Previous fabrics achieved similar results using coatings and capsules embedded into the yarn, but those would wear out with washing. FIRMA’s effects will never wash out, as they are part of the yarn itself.

A great innovation in the world of shapewear & fashion!