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About Us

Holley Ziegler RAc, BScN, CBPhealing1

Holley began her career as a registered nurse working in community health nursing for over 20 years. Her interest in complementary medicine started when her children were young and she was interested in alternative treatments for her son’s allergies.

Holley trained with Dr. Steven Aung at the University of Alberta and received her Certificate in Medical Acupuncture in 1995, and registered acupuncturist designation in 1996.

Holley holds certificates in Pediatric Acupuncture and is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.

Holley has also received training in Tong Ren. Please see Services for an explanation of this therapy.


Megan Ewanowich, BScPT, CMAc

Megan received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy in 2004 and obtained her Certificate in Medical Acupuncture in 2006.

Megan has worked in private practice, home care, and has taken many post-degree courses in complementary therapies.

She brings a wealth of experience to her Physiotherapy practice, with a strong focus on musculoskeletal rehabilitation and Acupuncture therapy.


Candace Gegolick 

Candace brings a wealth of experience to her recent training in RubiMed Therapy.

Psychosomatic Energetic Testing (RubiMed Therapy): A powerful technique to identify and resolve emotional blocks!

Emotional conflicts can interfere with the flow of energy and proper functioning of the body. Through a standardized testing process, energy blocks can be identified in the body and often resolved with the use of specific homeopathic remedies.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy):

Used to accelerate wound healing, reduce inflammation, reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, and increase energy!